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Main Topics of CREDIP !

  • Current theme of research : The Boundaries of International Private Law
  • International symposium project on “European Family PIL and legal interactions”
  • Participation in the CREDIP-EDIEC chronicle, annually published in RTDeur.
  • CREDIP's Work with the GDR CNRS AFSJ


Centre de Recherche sur le Droit International Privé (CREDIP)
Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
Faculté de Droit – EDIEC

15 quai Claude Bernard
BP 0638
F-69239 Lyon Cedex 02

Tél. : ++ 00 / (33) 4 78 78 72 51

Research Center of Private International Law



Founded in 2009, the Research Center of Private International Law (CREDIP) brings together numerous researchers of the Law Faculty, who are interested in developments and transformations of this field (nationality, conflicts of laws and of jurisdictions, recognition and enforcement of situations and decisions) in French and European perspectives. It is used :

  • serving as a meeting point or for periodic informal exchange between its members (discussion seminars, workshops on topicality, PhD conferences, etc.) ;
  • organizing scientific events, if need be, with other national or international research centers ;
  • contributing to collective research programs at both national and international levels.

The CREDIP was founded by Professor Cyril Nourissat, before being headed by Professor Louis d’Avout and Professor Jean-Sylvestre Bergé. It is directed again since September 2014 by Professor Cyril Nourissat and consist of 8 statutory lecturers, 1 associate member, and 29 PhD students, doctors or on-contract lecturers.