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The Director

Our Research Centers

  • <link gb search centres-de-recherche le-centre-detudes-europeennes internal link in current>Center of European Legal Studies
  • <link gb search centres-de-recherche le-centre-de-droit-international internal link in current>Center of Public International Law
  • <link gb search centres-de-recherche linstitut-de-droit-compare-edouard-lambert internal link in current>Édouard Lambert Institute of Comparative Law
  • <link gb search centres-de-recherche le-centre-de-recherche-en-droit-international-prive internal link in current>Research Center of International Private Law

Our Team

The EDIEC was created during the 2003-2006 four-year contract in order to bringing researchers, private as well as public lawyers, to put an end to a classic cleavage. The initial project noted the increasing internationalization of law and the impossibility to carry out scientific research in this area without paying attention to international law, european standards and comparative law aspects of the subject. Internationalists, europeanists and comparativists looks must cross, and it is important to create favorable conditions to meet on common projects.


The team, led by Professor Frédérique Ferrand, associates specialists both comparative law and foreign laws as well as of private and public international law ; it gathers 25 faculty members and researchers and federates four research centers : the Center of Public International Law, under the direction of Professor Stéphane Doumbé-Billé, the Research Center of International Private Law, led by Professor Cyril Nourissat, the Center of European Legal Studies, whose director is Professor Michaël Karpenschif and the Édouard Lambert Institute of Comparative Law, directed by Professor Frédérique Ferrand.


It also provides scientific support to for degrees of :

  • Master International Public Law, under the direction of Professor Stéphane Doumbé-Billé ;
  • Master International and Comparative Private Law, under the direction of Professor Malik Laazouzi;
  • Master European Business Law, headed by Professor Eric Carpano.

The EDIEC focuses its research on the topic of "Reconciliation of legal systems : research for convergence and harmonization", which fits into the great common research axis N. 1 adopted by the Scientific Council of the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University and called « Universal values and cross-cultural approaches ». Within this general framework, scientific works are carried out in international law, european and comparative family law (especially with the CEFL, Commission on European Family Law, and the Law and Justice Research Mission) and in civil procedure (the EDIEC is member of the GDR CNRS Nr. 3452, European Area of freedom, security and justice), in regulation law and european banking supervision law, in the field of human rights, justice and solidarity in international society, democracy and powers in the european Union, comparative public law and european Union markets as well as integration in the Union.



The EDIEC also aims at promoting scientific exchanges with foreign universities as part of research projects and co-supervision of PhDs.